Escort Recruitment - All Year Round

24 April 2014






Here at Olivia James we recruit escorts all year round. There is no inconvenient time to pick up the phone or send us an email in regards to information on starting with us. Below is a little bit of information on what to expect if you are chosen to work with us.

Unlike some other agencies, you can start working straight away with no upfront fees and there is work available straight away.

We pride ourselves in being high class and therefore ask that you use our photographer. This is also due to the fact our clients know and trust the pictures we put on to be genuine. We will not use any other pictures other than our own and Olivia James will keep them. As stated before there is no upfront fee, so if you can not pay for these straight away either we pay for them for you, taking the money off you when you start earning or you can have a 2 week grace period in which to earn some money and then pay for them.

The areas are companions mainly cover are Liverpool, Cheshire and north wales. However we do operate across the whole of the Northwest and we are open from 11am until 3am. Please don’t be put off by this thinking that you will have to work a 16hr shift. A Rota is put in place and hours are very flexible.

Olivia James is an all female run agency, all of which have worked within the business at some point. There isn’t much we haven’t seen or heard of before. We are a very approachable agency.

If you feel you have what it takes to be apart of our forever-growing High Class agency then please go to our recruitment page for info and what you need to apply. We reply to all applicants and also aim to do this within 24hrs.

Thank you for choosing Olivia James and we hope to hear from you soon.