Reasons An Escort May Refuse To See You Again

02 May 2018





So you spent some time with a tent in your pants searching for the woman of your dreams online and you finally found her, booked her and had the time of your life. This time you're not going to search again, you know the woman you want and you call up to book her again but this time no luck. What happened? Why would she refuse to see you again? Was it something you said, did or maybe even didn't do?

Who knows, but we can go through some of the reasons why an escort may refuse to see you again. Escorts do have the right to refuse or accept any booking they want. Some clients may think because they're paying that an escort has to see them or provide whatever service they want, but this isn't the case. Escorts have enough freedom to see or not see anyone they want for a number of reasons ranging from safety for their lives to simply not liking a client.

One of the main turn-offs for an escort when it comes to why she wouldn't want to see a client again is hygiene. Some escorts will politely ask you to take a shower before you proceed, not because she thinks you stink, but simply to make sure you're clean. The last thing an escort wants is to have someone who smells horrible the whole time, clearly hasn't washed or has evidently dirty skin, nails, teeth and hair.

Remember as a client you are expecting your escort to serve you, and the more willing she is, the more you will enjoy the experience. If an escort remembers you for being nothing but dirty or disgusting her she will happily refuse to see you, especially when she meets plenty of people willing to make an effort for her.

Another aspect of dealing with clients that can turn an escort off ever wanting to meet you again is if you're cheap. Usually, when a booking is made, especially through an agency, the price is already listed on the website or has been mentioned over the phone when the booking was arranged. The donation is also expected to be received at the beginning of the booking. Escorts hate to deal with clients who don't want to pay immediately or who try to shortchange their escorts.

You should always be respectful in this industry

Haggling is not on the table, the price is set and usually agreed upon well before meeting so she won't appreciate any spontaneous haggling. Don't be cheap, many clients are more than generous, paying the amount expected, sometimes paying more and bringing gifts for their escorts. When others treat her like this she clearly will have no time for underpaying hagglers.

Haggling is considered plain rude, which leads on to the next point. Rude clients, vulgar language, abusive persona's or aggressive personalities are not appreciated by escorts and though she may keep her smile and professionality all the way through your booking, there is a chance she will never want to see you again.

Be wary, just because you're paying for someone's service this doesn't mean you literally own them. Escorts can accept or refuse to do anything they like, even cancel the booking half way if it's become too much to handle. Acting like you own the woman you've hired is a quick way to get blacklisted by an agency or escort.

This point may be a surprise but tiring or too much constant sex can be a turn off for escorts. If it's evident you've taken a viagra to last longer or have no interest in anything other than pounding away at your escort for an hour or two, then you may find she will leave you a happy client but have no intention of ever seeing you again. Escorts don't appreciate when clients are clearly trying to get every penny worth through every minute you spend with them and this can result in them never seeing you again.

So remember if you are booking an escort, or you're wondering why your favourite dream girl refuses to take your call, ponder over some of the points we've talked about. Be tactful of escorts, polite, respectful and genuine, and you'll find a happy escort leaves a happy client.